Delta 6 is one of the 2 playable army teams. Delta 6 serves for the Costlonian army. Delta 6 is commanded by Col.Krisko and is the team you play as in 4 different missions. In the team Delta 6 there are 6 different characters including Col.Krisko.


Col.Krisko is the leader of your Delta 6 team. He appears in all of the Delta 6 missions and one of the Tango 8 missions, 'Training Day'. Col.Krisko doesn't like to be told what to do and expects all of his squad to respect his judgment. Col.Krisko is a good leader and isn't afraid of war or death and won't stop fighting until every enemy has either surrended or is dead. Col.Krisko dies in the las Delta 6 mission, 'Nice Little Town' from getting shot three times in his body before dropping to the ground and dying instantly. After his death your squad goes after his killer to get revenge.

"The only person who gives orders is me and me only!"- Col.Krisko, Mission 13: Thunderstorm


Sgt.Nots is the highest ranked enlisted officer in your team. Sgt.Nots doesn't give out many orders because Col.Krisko doesn't like it when other people beside him do. When Sgt.Nots is told to do something he does it without arguing and does extra so someone else doesn't have to. When he is fighting in the war he is quiet and only gives his opinion when necessary but when he is at the pub he is a good freind to have because he always looks on the bright side of things. Sgt.Nots is in every Delta 6 mission and survives throughout the whole game without a scratch.

"What do I think? These bastards shouldn't be treated any better than animals!"- Sgt.Nots, Mission 22: Nice Little Town


Cpl.Brian is a good friend of Col.Krisko and has served by his side for a long time. Cpl.Brian looks only into the future, which can sometimes lead tomistakes, hoping to be promoted and eventually become a commissioned officer. In the game Cpl.Brian gives you a hand quite a few times and commands you in some missions. Cpl.Brian is talkative and pretty easy to get along wiith but sometimes he doesn't follow orders. He is a man that doesn't like to be bossed around even though he knows he has to be. Cpl.Brian die in the mission 'Nice Little Town' when they are getting revenge for Col.Krisko. Whe he is shot he is still alive for a bit and says, "Forget it, this is bullshit anyway, go get revenge for Col.Krisko, just fucking kill his murderer for me".

"F&*^ man, take a look at this, it's like a whole lot of mice running through a F&%$@*# maze of cheese."- Cpl.Brian, Mission 3: Night Watch


Cpl.Darrice has been a friend of Spc.Nafe's for two years and they plan on keeping it that way. He always sticks with you and helps you aswell as you help him. He has served in the war for 6 years and first joined the army when he was 19. Cpl.Darrice is also a good fighter out on the battlefield and knows what he's doing. Cpl.Darrice is also an engineer and has helped S.C.F (Special Commanding Forces) in man different situations. He appears in ever Delta 6 mission and avenges Col.Krisko and Cpl.Darrice in the mission 'Nice Little Town'.

"Most of the recruits say it's like a nightmare only the guns and pain is real. Ha, I think that's a load of S#!^, I look at it more like a dream, defending your planet and killing Kastokians."- Cpl.Darrice, Mission 11: Through the Blizzard.


Spc.Frin is the youngest person in your squad. At age 21 he joined the army at 17 and has been serving in the war ever since. Spc.Frin is always looking for a job to do to help but sometimes that leads to unfortunate mistakes. Spc.Frin doesn't talk much and doesn't like to think about his past. Before he joined the army and still in high school he was a gangster and got into a lot of street fights. When he was 16 he was charged for murdering 3 people. After his breakdown he wanted to fix his life by serving in the war for his planet. Spc.Frin only appears in the missions 'Night Watch' and dies in the mission 'Through the Blizzard' from going alone and trying to sneak into an enemy bunker then being shot 4 times in the body and once in the head.

"I don't like to look back on my old life, but sometimes thats what I have to do to push me through this."- Spc.Frin, Mission 11: Through the Blizzard


Soc.Nafe is another army playable character. Spc.Nafe always does his duty

Future Ops 1 Characters

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