Future Ops 1, The Launching, is about how a galaxy war started on the 15th of April, 3156. It all started when Maj.Onsto discovered a missile on the planet of Kastok capable of causing destruction 100 times as much as a nuclear bomb, programmed to hit planet Earth. Three days later it was launched and hit earth killing 3 billion people, one third of the Earths total population. This started the first ever galaxy war. After the attack on Earth most people left and went to the planet of Costlo. Some also went to Hausti and the minimum stayed on Earth. On Earths side in the war was Costlo, Hausti, Difpom and Burkel while on Kastoks side, they had Syncey, Jonlont and the natives of Taurtalon. The missile was designed by Mausuv Lixol, it was launched by Cuvint Nul and the man who ordered it was Toolouan Masdi. At the beginning you search for Mausuv Lixol, thinking that he was the one supporting the troops and who started it all. In the mission, 'Flight of Destruction', he is killed by team Alpha 4. The war does not end their and Cuvint Nul starts to create an uproar when he convinces Jonlont to provide troops for Kastok. People start to look for Cuvint after that and he is assassinated by Cdr.Garrice in the mission 'Hunt for Cuvint'. After that another missile is discovered by Lt Cdr.Harl and his team in the mission 'Bad News'. Tooluan is then predicted to be the master mind after discovering tha he ordered that missile aswell and programmed it to hit Costlo. The missile is disabled and Tooluan is found by Tango 8 and killed by Cpt.Harrison in the last mission, 'Massacre'.

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