In Future Ops 1 there are 8 different teams. Out of those 8 teams you play as 6 of them. 4 of the teams are part of the Army, 2 of them are part of the Navy and 2 of them are part of the Air Force. In each team there are a number of characters.

Future Ops 1 Teams and CharactersEdit


Tango 8-

Cpt.Harrison, Ssg.Nile, Cpl.Anthony, Spc.Sard, You: Pvt.Consel

Delta 6 -

Col.Krisko, Sgt.Nots, Cpl.Brian, Cpl.Darrice, Spc.Frin, You: Spc.Nafe

Alpha 4 -

Ltc.Carl, 1Lt.Sean, Ssg.Cruso, Cpl.Han, Cpl.Falcon

Foxtrot 4 -

Maj.Heapo, Sfc.Henry, Sgt.Deuce, Cpl.Spark


Hotel 7-

Lt Cdr.Harl, Po3.Adix, Sn.Insto, Sa.Johnson, You: Sn.Hatchet

Lima 7 -

Cdr.Garrice, Cpo.Ral, Po2.Dess, You: Po3.Zone

Air ForceEdit

Oscar 3-

Maj Gen.Jason, Cpt.Stray, 1st Lt.Larman, You: 1st Lt.Arbit

Uniform 8-

1st Lt.Tas, Sra.Roberts, A1C.McDrew, You: A1C.Masick

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Future Ops Characters

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