Tango 8 is the main team you play as in Future Ops 1. Tango 8 is an army team led by Cpt.Harrison. The team is part of the Earth army and has 4 main squad members in it at the start (not including Cpt.Harrison).


Cpt.Harrison is the leader of your main team you play as, the arny team, Tango 8. Cpt.Harrison is in the Tango 8 missions and usually plays the role of giving the orders out and leading the squad to the objectives. He has served in the Earth army for up to 13 years now and doesn't look into giving up either. Cpt.Harrison is one of those people who will try non-stop to fix something up if it goes wrong and never likes to fail a mission. He also is passionate and courageous, as he never gives up on people in his team and will do anything just to get a shot at the bad guys.

"It's time to blow this whole village up into the sky, literally."- Cpt.Harrison, Mission 4: In The Swamp


Ssg.Nile is the highest ranked enlisted officer part of your squad. He is fearsome and has no feelings for anyone if your not on his side. He is a strong and trustworthy man and does exactly what he is told to do and does it good, as long as your a higher rank than him. He makes an appearance in all Tango 8 missions and sometimes leads your group if you must meet Cpt.Harrison somewhere else. In the last mission, Massacre, he is shot once in the leg and in the hip Tooluan Masdi, but survives and makes it to the helicopter.

"If they want a war, we will give them one!"- Ssg.Nile, Mission 17: Orange Desert


Cpl.Anthony has been in this war from the start and is hoping he will be there for the end aswell. He is looking into the future hoping to become a Sergeant. Cpl.Anthony is a nice guy once you get to know him and always looks after his freinds, even if they don't look after him. He appears in the missions Training Day, Central Tower, In the Swamp, Getting Cold and Orange Desert. His life comes to an end in the mission orange desert when he is chopped in the back with an axe and then shot in the head by a native. As soon as he is killed the native runs and you chase after him. In the end Ssg.Nile avenges him and kills the native.

"If they have a gun and aren't wearing our uniform, kill 'em"- Cpl.Anthony, Mission 17: Orange Desert


Spc.Sard joined Tango 8 before anyone else except Cpt.Harrison. SpcSard and Cpt.Harrison have known each other for 7 year and know how each other operate in the war. Spc.Sard keeps to himself and does what he is told. He helps you out of a few sticky situations and you return the favour and he isn't afraid to put his life at risk to save everyone else. He appears in all Tango 8 missions but does not survive in the end. In the misssion Massacre when you breach the room where Tooluan Masdi is, he is shot through the chest by one of his guards and dies after Cpt.Harrison kills Tooluan.

"Im sick of this fu%#&@ war, lets end this!"- Spc.Sard, Mission 23: The Deep Forest


Pvt.Gerard Consel is the main playable character in Future Ops 1. He is a new recruit to the war and joins the team Tango 8 in the first mission, Training Day. The more you play as him the more you find out about his character. Pvt.Consel fights in the war because he lost everybody he knew in the missile explosion. Pvt.Consel does what he is told and doesn't give out any orders because he is only a recruit. Pvt.Consel fights until the end and survives. In the last mission you, Pvt.Consel, pick up a magazine and throw it to Cpt.Harrison to reload his gun and kill Tooluan. After he is killed Spc.Sard dies and you call in a helicopter to get out of the city. Just as you are about to get onto the helicopter you are shot through the shoulder and Ltc.Carl drags you to the helicopter and you survive.

"Lets go kill some Kastokians"- Pvt.Consel, Mission2: Central Tower

Future Ops 1 Characters

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